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Air Duct Sealing Can Reduce Your Utilities!

This Is A Big Deal!!!!!!

insulation, insulation removal, spray foam insulation

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With Air Duct Sealing, we see improvements of up to 40% in some homes .

Many companies don't offer this service or are not even aware of it. At Energy Guard we have been providing Air Duct Sealing for years.

Call Energy Guard today at 817-233-0116, to see how we can save you money on your energy bills!

What is Air Duct Sealing? In a typical forced air system the duct work loses about 20% of the air that is distributed through the home. This happens because there are Air Duct Leaks from cracks, holes, and poorly connected ducts in your home. Air Duct Sealing is the process of sealing those Air Duct Leaks. Air Duct Sealing will also help your home be more comfortable, less dusty and distribute the air more fully throughout your home.

Simply put, Air Duct Sealing, saves you money! Don't let your cool air just leak into your attic, call Energy Guard and we will seal those Air Duct Leaks!

We see leaks just like this in over half of the homes we inspect.
Call us now to find out about our Air Duct Sealing services!

  • Air Conditioning Plenum- Air Conditioning Plenum- We see this particular leak in almost 90% of the homes that we inspect or repair.
  • Needed Duct Repair- Needed Duct Repair- All of our repairs utilize UL listed materials
  • Failed Duct Insulation- Failed Duct Insulation- We install new ducts or repair your old
  • Leaks- Leaks- We see these leaks in almost 90% of the homes we inspect or repair